Publications / Catalogues:

2019     “Immersive Shine”, by R.M. Vaughan, Oeno Gallery

2010     “ETHOS”, Oeno Gallery

2008     “ADDENDUM”, Oeno Gallery

2008     “Insistence”, Gary Michael Dault, Gallery One

2008     “Sylvain Louis-Seize”, Betty Ann Jordan, Galerie de Bellefeuille

2007     “Ephemeral Luminescence”, John K. Grande, Engine Gallery

2007     “RADIANCE”, Carlyn Moulton, Oeno Gallery

2007     “New Works”, Gallery Jones

2007     “Sylvain Louis-Seize”, Gary Michael Dault, Galerie de Bellefeuille

2006     “TRANSCENDENCE”, John K. Grande, Engine Gallery

2006     “Manufacturing Desire”, David J. Fairlie, Oeno Gallery

2005     “Human Industry”, John K. Grande, Engine Gallery


2012    Arabella Art Magazine,artist to collect,Fall issue.

2010    Luxe Magazine Chicago, USA

2009    Canadian Champion, Arts & Culture

2009    Where Magazine, Calgary

2008    Taste of the Country, “Culture Crawl”

2008    Intelligencer, “Going Out in Style”

2008    Wellington Times, “Farewell Show”

2006    Where Toronto, November 2006